The Platform

Serving The Community

Patricia has been part of this community for 30 years, she will ensure the “Weston Lifestyle” is maintained.

The Bernardini Cancio family celebrating Thanksgiving

United By A Common Goal

  • Safety
  • Support Schools
  • Maintain our beautiful parks and green spaces
  • Maintain Fiscal Responsibility
  • Increase Property Values
Islands of Weston

Ways to Get Involved

  • Financial contribution
  • We need “extra hands”
  • Word of mouth promotion
  • Delivering flyers
  • Host a campaign gathering

Issues that I will fight for and ensure you are represented

Safety for our city

I will work hard with city leaders, the community and our wonderful BSO team to ensure that safety in our city is priority #1. The city has done a good job around this issue, but we should stay very alert and ahead of any issues that could arise. I have met and spoken to Captain Sam Cavalieri. I have been impressed by his knowledge and priorities. I will ensure that the teamwork and communication is excellent.

Maintaining our beautiful parks and green spaces

Beware: Additional Multi-Million Dollar Community Center

Some in the city believe Weston should have an additional community center. During these uncertain times., where costs have escalated tremendously and construction timelines are much longer, I agree with many Weston residents that say the $20+ million-dollar community Center, is not a wise spending of our money at this time. We already have a community center in the Regional Park where concerts, family movies, and festivals take place. A new community center would also negatively impact the environment and traffic in the park. Moreover, The Bonaventure Community Center just completed major renovations and now rent rooms to the public for plays, concerts and other events.

I will continue to solicit the feedback of our residents and neighbors to ensure their voices are heard. Most want to keep the beautiful green spaces at the park, and I support that!!!!!

UPDATE: This issue has been put on hold. Will continue to monitor and provide further updates – 9/1//2021

Park and Ride facility at the entrance of Weston:

This is not a dead issue!!! Beware!!

Many in our city still do not know about the proposed parking lot that could be built at the entrance of our city. Imagine a huge parking lot with express buses transporting residents to the Miami Airport and its vicinities. This project had the full support of Mayor Stermer and it was quietly moving along for several months before many of us found out. I knew that I needed to become involved and oppose this project. I, along with several concerned citizens, attended several meetings with FDOT and had multiple discussions with city commissioners. Because of our engagement and strong support from Commissioner Mary Molina-Macfie, the item was revisited, and the city recanted their support for the Park n Ride. Nevertheless, the land belongs to FDOT and as such the project could be considered again regardless of the City’s position in the matter. Especially after voters of Broward County’s referendum. Here is a link to the commission meeting of April 1, 2019 rescinding support.


EXAMPLE OF PROJECT APPROVED WITH DISREGARD TO OUR BONAVENTURE NEIGHBORS (the commission would never vote for this in their own backyard, but will do so in Bonaventure)

Bonaventure Resort and Spa Redevelopment

This is another example of a significant redevelopment project that most residents of Weston do not know about. The whole commission voted YES on this site plan amendment. I would have voted NO!! Most of the existing structures, as well as an empty parking lot, will be turned into 4 (yes 4!!), 12 story buildings with 122 units each (488 units total) plus a 12-story hotel with 240 rooms. You will also see a five-story parking garage where a parking lot is now. Just think about the traffic and other impact this project will have!

Safety on the Roads

One of the attractions in Weston is the wide range of bike lanes, however recent fatal accidents, along with bicyclists not adhering to the rules and distracted drivers, demand a meeting of minds to figure out how to solve this growing problem. I will join the city and meet with cycling clubs to continue to educate them on safety. Same goes for some aggressive drivers that come too close to the cyclist. Broward’s Metropolitan Planning Organization has a project to create bike lanes from Indian Trace to SR 84 where currently we do not have any.

In addition to the proposed, I would bring a group of residents together to discussed the feasibility of expanding some of the sidewalks in Weston for the more casual bicyclists and help provide more safe space.

Keep our Weston tranquility and way of life!

Airplane Noise Over Weston

This has been an important issue to many in Weston. Airplanes continue to fly at very low altitudes at times, interrupting the tranquility of our town. I have been in several meetings regarding this issue, and will continue to support our residents. Resolution 2019-89 urges the FAA to minimize commercial air traffic over our city and maximize altitude of air traffic over the city. At the time the issue came up with residents, the commission did not see there was a problem, but feeling the great concerns of the community the city issued the Resolution. View the resolution under the ‘resources tab’.


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